Every business needs a strong web presence

Originally founded in 1980, Duet Productions Ltd. began providing custom software solutions for a variety of clients. Over the years this environment has evolved into the Internet of the present day. Today’s applications exist on the Internet and are accessible using computers and mobile devices.

The growing demand for business presence on the web has led us to expand our services to include web solutions for our clients. This has grown to include social networking sites and search engine ads. Customers have come to rely on Duet Productions to set up and support their web presence according to their unique needs.

We employ the most widely used combination of computer languages, databases and program frameworks to give our customers the most stable, secure and up-to-date platform that the Internet has to offer. We have chosen this combination because of it’s frequency of updates, number of extensions available and the number of people using this combination.

At present we are launching additional services to ensure business owners are not left out with the coming changes in today’s usage of the Internet. Business owners need the flexibility to be able to communicate with their customers easily and without having to learn to use all the new technology. Our services provide the owner with a simple to use interface to keep their customers up to date.